Angie has many years of experience working alongside PR agencies, charities or directly with food manufacturers and other companies to help with their public relations campaigns and communications strategies - to consumer or health and other professionals.


Whatever support you are looking for, large or small - from advice on product development, nutritional analysis of a recipe, development of a menu plan, a media spokesperson, or simply an honest, down to earth view on nutrition then Angie can help. Angie is also an experienced writer, web manager. editor for digital or print media and has undertaken digital campaigns. 

Food, health and diet are truly global and reflecting this Angie has worked with clients in the UK, throughout Europe, and as far afield as Australia, the Middle East & the United States. Local regulations are respected and translation of information into local language is no problem as Angie works closely with a UK based medical translation agency. 

Examples of work undertaken include:

  • Planning of Communication Strategies and Press Plan

  • TV & radio interviews

  • Key Influencer & Parliamentary Briefings

  • Campaigns

  • New product launches

  • Comments for press release

  • Development of online campaigns

  • Face-face briefings

  • Product substantiations for advert pre-approvals

  • Round tables & discussion panels

1. PR & Media

Throughout 2016, Angie worked alongside the Kellogg Nutrition Team to develop and run a full media campaign (print & digital) to highlight recent product sugar reductions to MP's, plus health and other professionals such as teachers. Web content was developed for to support short messaging in print media, Banners placed on professional websites and LinkedIn Sponsored Posts. 

My Approach to PR

Over the past 2 decades, Angie has had the privilege of working with a wide range of PR & media companies supporting an array of nutrition communications.

Evidence Based Nutrition is at the heart of all of Angie's work and so you can be confident that no matter what channel is used or audience targeted all messages will be backed by science.  

Angie can help you & your product find the right message, while remaining within the constraints of Health Claims Legislation and advertising restrictions. 

Working with
the Kellogg Company