BSc (Hons) Nutrition (Kings, London)

Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics (Kings, London)

Registered Dietitian

Registered Nutritionist (Public Health)

What's the difference between a Dietitian & Nutritionist?

A Bit About Me

With a Degree in Nutrition and Post Graduate qualification in Dietetics, Angie is uniquely placed to promote the whole spectrum of good nutrition - from everyday optimal health and well being to a clinical perspective on nutrition and its overlap with disease.

After qualifying Angie spent a decade working in the NHS in order to gain in-depth practical experience of nutrition and how it affects health. Much of her time was spent working in Diabetes, Paediatrics and public health settings, providing support and training to a wide range of Primary Health Care professionals. Her Public Health Experience led Angie to realise that her true passion lay  in promoting optimal health at all ages and preventing ill-health due to poor nutrition. Scope for this was limited in the NHS and so Angie embarked on a Freelance career instead.

During her freelance years Angie has had the privilege of working with many major food manufacturers, PR agencies, charities and other organisations on a wide range of projects. She worked with Sainsbury's and Flora to create the first ever UK supermarket store tours, and took a giant inflatable heart on tour around the UK to raise awareness of cholesterol and heart disease. She worked with Cadbury's to support Parliamentary Health Committee activity, and supported the Department of Health during the pilot & launch of Healthy Start Scheme to Health Care Professionals and the public. She provides an 'Ask the Expert' function for Burgen Bread and The Menopause Exchange. Plus Angie has worked with Kellogg' in the UK, across Europe, Australia & the USA, writing, publishing, managing & undertaking research projects and supporting digital media projects.

Outside of work Angie provides a 'mums taxi' service to 2 ever-growing daughters, and takes the 'its never too late to learn' approach to mastering the piano (Grade 4 next).