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Web Development

Angie has supported clients in the development of written content for websites across the globe, working with web developers and translation agencies to deliver bespoke content for different markets. One example was the project management of between 2014-2018. During that time Angie worked with US based web developers, the Kellogg Europe Nutrition Team, and local market Kellogg Nutrition & Communications teams. New sub-websites were launched under the umbrella for Germany, France, Spain and the Middle East (with mirror websites in English and Arabic). 

The ultimate example of websites however is this website - designed, developed and managed by Angie (with a little help from and Angie's nutrition education website again self designed & managed (with a little help from

Writing with style

Armed with a Nutrition Degree and Post Graduate qualification in Dietetics, Angie has made the art of taking the vast evidence base for nutrition and distilling this into engaging, inspiring and  engaging text her speciality. 

Previous projects have included:

  • In-depth reviews of published scientific literature

  • Peer-reviewed Clinical Research papers

  • Dossier creation to support Brand position and advertising

  • Writing of articles and papers for Health Care and Scientific journals

  • Consumer articles & editorials for newspapers & magazines

  • Development of both Healthcare Professional & consumer resources, leaflets and newsletters

  • Communication to the scientific community and key opinion leaders - face-to-face briefings, written materials or via digital campaigns

  • Content for websites and company literature

  • Ask the Expert responses for print or digital media

  • Editing & peer review

Writing & Web
Peer Reviewed Publications

2022 saw the publication of a pilot research project evaluating the safety , tolerance and impact on status of daily wear vitamin D patches. Months of work results in the above paper in the prestigious BMJ Nutrition Prevention and Health. 

Examples of other published peer reviewed articles include Using wheat bran fibre to improve bowel habits during pregnancy – a call to action in the British Journal of Midwifery and The Effects of Intact Cereal Grain Fibers, Including Wheat Bran on the Gut Microbiota Composition of Healthy Adults: A Systematic Review, co-authored by Dr Katie Adolphus, and published in Frontiers in Nutrition.

Food, health and diet are truly global and reflecting this Angie has worked with clients in the UK, throughout Europe, and as far afield as Australia, the Middle East & the United States. Local regulations are respected and translation of information into local language is no problem as Angie works closely with a UK based medical translation agency.

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