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Angie Jefferson is a Dietitian & Registered Nutritionist. After working in the NHS, Angie now runs an established freelance consultancy. 

Angie regularly works with a wide range of food businesses, run on-line workshops on various aspects of nutrition and health and also writes for Inspire magazine for people living with arthritis and the Menopause Exchange.

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My Approach

Diet and nutrition can seem confusing with headlines often claiming that 'the experts' have changed their minds (again!). Part of the reason for confusion is that the science and research behind diet and nutrition is complicated and ever progressing.

My approach is, and has always been, to take the complex science of nutrition and turn this into simple, practical messages to allow everyone to move towards eating a healthier, tasty and enjoyable diet that suits their lifestyle and needs. 

There are no 'bad' foods, but there are 'bad' diets 

Diet & the Menopause

For many women the menopause is an ideal time to take stock of eating habits and begin some gradual changes to help ensure the best health possible while entering this new phase of life.


Taking steps to achieve a healthy diet, good level of fitness and an ideal body weight can help to ease immediate symptoms such as hot flushes, and improve longer term health, such as reduce risk of osteoporosis (brittle bones) and heart disease.

Discover practical approaches to managing your Menopause in our Dietitian-led


nutrition workshops

PR & Media
Looking for advice on product promotion, a lively engaging presenter
or campaign comms?
Need quotes or comments for a press release or an entire campaign plan - get in touch.  
Product Development
From blue sky thinking for product R&D, help with labelling, claims, nutrition analysis, or just good common sense advice on products positioning and  latest trends - please call to discuss your needs
Writing & Web
Angie is a highly respected writer with an extensive list of publish articles for print or web. For clear, concise and engaging content for digital, HCP's or consumers there is no better resource.
Angie is also an experienced project manager of brand websites. 
Wondering about fat, fibre, vitamin D or any other nutrient?
Using a computer based package - Dietplan - Angie can undertake a full nutrition analysis of recipe's, menu's or diet plans to suit any dietary need. 
Speaker & Presenter
At any event having a lively, experienced and confident presenter really matters. Angie speaks regularly on a range of topics at UK and European healthcare conferences. She is also available to host or chair events and for smaller local consumer events.
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It’s been a great pleasure to have worked with Angie.  Her thorough nutrition and dietetic knowledge have added invaluable contributions to projects we’ve collaborated on.  I have seen her proven track record in delivering excellent copy for varying platforms, audiences and campaigns; while her enthusiasm & flexibility created the perfect foundation for a collaborative, and enjoyable, working relationship.

Dr. Catherine Logan, Nutrition Business Partner, Kellogg's Europe

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